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For more than 17 years now, we have been providing our clientele with a variety of services, whether individual or group programs, tailored to all schedules and interests. Travellers have prised the way that we design programs to specification. This kind of job is quite time-consuming and undertaking even without knowing whether the group will confirm or not! But it has enabled us to create programs that can satisfy just about any expedition.

In these 17 years we have received numerous inquiries about opportunities for joining groups. People want to make friends while learning about people and culture of other countries. At the same time they wish by this means to reduce the cost of foreign travel. But we have always replied, ‘We don’t create group share in Nepal’. Groups must form in the country or areas of origin.

Since the mid of 2013, in response to our correspondents, we have been planning both seasonal programs and programs involving cultural and religious activities, and we hereby announce following programs for 2014.

The programs are mainly linked with mountaineering expeditions, for which there are big differences in the cost for individuals and groups. Some of the festivals place on a fixed date, and the trekking in some cases is to areas about which, till now, tourist and travel organizers have provided no information.

Please check our following offers and let us know what your individual / group interests may be. We can make an offer with a difference for you!

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