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The Himalayas run throughout the northern border. Eight of the fourteen tops of the 8,000 meters of the world are here. The name of the Everest, Kanchanjunga or Annapurna, attracts and captivates the mountain lovers of the worldwide.
Nepal opens its borders to the tourism only in 1951 but until 1964 only visited the country by expert mountaineers and explorers. In our days it receives more of trekkers for always, businessmen, lovers of the fleeting nature and visitors of two or three days. The country opening to any type of tourism has become synonym of trekking.

What is the Best Time to Treks in Nepal ?

There is no best time of year for everybody. The best time for you will depend on how high you intend to trek, how you feel about crowds, and your tolerance for cold, heat and dampness (to name just a few main variables). Each season has its pros and cons, so read this column through the lens of your own requirements.