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About Bhutan

About Bhutan

The land of the Thunder Dragon, or Bhutan as the world knows it, is in many ways still the magical kingdom from the past. Snuggled and protected in the deep folds of the great Himalayas, the kingdom seems to lose itself in the clouds. Today, it is an exotic destination, revealed to the outside world by the impenetrable veil of the Himalayan mist.

This earthly paradise, known as Drukyul to its people, is replete with impeccable strokes of nature’s brush making this unconquered country a truely crystallized manifestation of the sublime nature. It is one of the last relics of this wonderful earth.

It’s a spiritual land where every dzong (fortress), monastery, rock, valley, gorge, tree and mountain exists with the spirits of their own. And each has its own story to tell. Every hill tops is adorned with a monastery or a chorten (Stupa), and every cave has provided the sacred sanctuary for saints.

It’s a land where prayers are given wings by ubiquitous prayer flags, and at the same time, Yeti, the abominable Snowman, is believed to roam.

Cradled between China (Tibet) in the north and India in the south, this magical kingdom of about 46,500 square kilometers still listens to the voices of the nature (about 72% of the total land is covered with forest) and to its ancient culture and tradition.

Bhutan, with its population of about 600,000, is rich in Culture, Buddhist festival and nature. Today it is an exotic destination for all age of tourist to enjoy a natural paradise under the glimpse of beautiful Himalayan peaks.